La Casa de la Playa Hotel Review

La Casa de la Playa luxury hotel in Mexico.

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FIRST IMPRESSION // The second you walk into La Casa de la Playa, you are drawn out of the hotel. The open-air lobby is framed by an impressive ocean view with every shade of turquoise you want to see on a beach vacation. The name of the hotel translates to The House of the Beach, so this makes sense. You stop long enough to take a cool towel scented with essential oils and a light, refreshing ginger citrus cocktail from the smiling host. Then you make your way to the balcony to get a closer look. Yes, the water really is that color, and WOW – that’s the coolest swimming pool you’ve ever seen!  CLICK TO START PLANNING YOUR TRIP 

Open air hotel lobby La Casa de la Playa luxury hotel in Mexico.

I was so curious about La Casa de la Playa before I arrived. This unique adults-only enclave in Mexico had my full attention because of the swirl of trendy buzzwords circulating next to the hotel’s name. What was this hotel all about? It was EVERYWHERE – from the pages of Architectural Digest and every single travel publication to the feeds of the most popular Instagram influences, La Casa de la Playa was on everyone’s lips. I stayed at Hotel Mexico Xcaret way back in 2019, and prior to checking in at LCDP (for short), I spent one night at Hotel Xcaret Arte.  With my points of reference in place, I began to explore this incredible property.

Girl floating in an infinity edge pool at La Casa de la Playa luxury hotel in Mexico.
Tea service at the spa at La Casa de la Playa luxury hotel in Mexico.

SPA //  My room wasn’t ready on arrival, and that’s ok. Therefore, just like we advise our clients to do, I had a suit in my carry-on so I could immediately change and start enjoying the facilities. First stop, the spa. I had booked a Wellness Ocean View Suite, which includes complimentary access to the Muluk Spa’s hydrotherapy circuit. Like any first-class spa, as soon as you arrive, you are met by an attendant who guides you through the entire process. From figuring out the lockers to deciding if you should enjoy the sauna or steam room first. I could have stayed here all day. Next-level relaxation. 

Hotel room with natural materials at La Casa de la Playa luxury hotel in Mexico.

ROOMS // The rooms at La Casa de la Playa are like miniature folk art museums; each piece of artisan decor tells a story of the history and heart of Mexico. Every piece of building material was locally sourced and perfectly placed. My room had a steam shower with a million controls that surely did far more things than I was able to test out during my short stay. The outdoor bathtub is gigantic, made of volcanic stone, complete with ocean views. Those views lie just beyond your private plunge pool. It really doesn’t get better than this when speaking about hotel rooms. All rooms are steps from the beach. So when you’re done soaking up the rays for the day, these expansive patios and wet spaces are the perfect intermission while the day transitions to the dinner hour. 

Sustainable luxury hotel room at La Casa de la Playa luxury hotel in Mexico.
Luxury all natural building materials in bathroom at La Casa de la Playa in Mexico.
Beach with red pillows and turquoise water at La Casa de la Playa luxury hotel in Mexico.
Hammock over private pool in luxury room at La Casa de la Playa luxury hotel in Mexico.

DINING // Have you heard about Virgilio Martínez? Best known for his Lima-based restaurant, Central, which has consistently ranked among the top restaurants in the world according to various lists, including the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Martínez studied law before deciding to pursue a culinary career. He is truly one of the most fascinating chefs I’ve ever studied. Wondering what he has to do with this adults-only all-inclusive resort in Mexico? He’s the brains and taste buds being ESTERO, the hotel’s fine dining restaurant. Estero is included in the hotel’s all-inclusive plan. It’s as much art as it is sustenance, and it is a must at least one night of your trip. We enjoyed the tasting menu, complete with wine pairings and delightful conversation with the highly-attentive wait staff… it is a meal we won’t soon forget.

Wood and stone dinning room at Estero at La Casa de la Playa luxury hotel in Mexico.

The design of the restaurant is not to be overlooked. Inspiring spaces are just as important to the quality of a meal as the food itself. Estero offers open-air dining during the day and glass-enclosed at night. Art class or first course? Eat to live or live to eat… a few of the ramblings through my head as I enjoyed this incredible meal. The flavors were totally unexpected yet incredibly balanced. You will absolutely forget that you are at an all-inclusive hotel in Mexico. **wine pairings extra.

Estero by virgilio martinez at Hotel La Casa de la Playa in Mexico.
Estero by virgilio martinez at Hotel La Casa de la Playa in Mexico.
Estero by virgilio martinez at Hotel La Casa de la Playa in Mexico.

Estero isn’t the only A-list restaurant on the property. Martha Ortiz’s Tuch de Luna is also in a class all its own. The unique ways she spotlights traditional Mexican classics and completely new favors – is extraordinary. The temptation to order one of everything on the menu was real. The thought that went into this menu, the setting, and the accompaniments will impress even the most discerning.

Chef Martha Ortiz Tuch de Luna at Hotel La Casa de la Playa in Mexico.
Chef Martha Ortiz Tuch de Luna at Hotel La Casa de la Playa in Mexico.
Chef Martha Ortiz Tuch de Luna at Hotel La Casa de la Playa in Mexico.

The culinary program at La Casa de la Playa is top of its class, but let’s not forget the beverage department. As expected, the mixology was pure perfection. What do I consider a perfect cocktail? One that is expertly balanced to highlight the earthy notes of unique ingredients, and sugar is only present in the background.

Here’s where this hotel ups the cool factor: it has its own cellar. And the best part? You can take a bottle back to your room to enjoy on your gorgeous patio. CAVA features an exclusive selection of Mexican and international wines by sommelier Sandra Fernández, with La Casa de la Playa’s own label.

If you ever skip dessert, fear not. The hotel has a 24-hour chocolateria, a candy boutique by master chocolatier and designer Mao Montiel, paying tribute to one of the most valued treasures of the Maya: cacao. Self-serve and enjoy! 

And if all this isn’t enough, keep in mind that you have access to a total of 21 restaurants and numerous bars across the 3 Xcaret Resorts in the Riviera Maya, Mexico.

The wine cellar at Hotel La Casa de la Playa in Mexico.
The wine cellar at Hotel La Casa de la Playa in Mexico.
The wine cellar at Hotel La Casa de la Playa in Mexico.

WHAT TO DO // What not to do? While La Casa de la Playa would be a top choice for a relaxation or wellness vacation, let’s not forget the parks. The Xcaret family of parks are the most well-known and well-managed experiential parks in Mexico. You may opt to snorkel in a pristine underground cave or visit one of the Mayan ruins. Your stay at La Casa de la Playa includes a private concierge who will help you arrange your entire itinerary, and your Caribbean Journey advisor will let you know what items you must book in advance of your arrival. 

VIBE // The vibe at La Casa de la Playa is reminiscent of visiting your wealthy, uber-stylish best friend’s beach house. You’ll be envious of everything you touch, taste, and feel but also so thankful that this experience is in your inner circle. There are many other hotels in the Riviera Maya that have incredible accommodations, but none that offer this level of luxury in the all-inclusive space. You’ll leave feeling so taken care of, that all your needs were met, and that you had such a good time catching up… with yourself. La Casa de la Playa in their own words:


We open the doors of Mexico for you to leave a little of yourself in every corner. Experience your legacy.”


Click here to complete our contact form, and we will reach out to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation. During this call, we will help you decide if La Casa de la Playa is a good choice for your vacation and explain our planning process.

Mexico travel specialist at Hotel La Casa de la Playa in Mexico.


Like most travel advisors who started careers when they were young and broke, I paid my dues by staying at crappy all-inclusive resorts. I was even more broke than my colleagues because not only was I a new advisor, but I was building this business entirely on my own. You know the hotels I’m alluding to… only one a la carte restaurant, and it never has an open reservation for you, so you end up trudging through a buffet line for your entire vacation.

Because of these less desirable travel experiences, I can confidently say that La Casa de la Playa is in a league all its own. Trust me on this, ok? If you are looking for a high-end adults-only getaway but leery of the all-inclusive factor, THIS is your place. I know you’ll love it.


Laura Sangster
Caribbean Journey

L A   C A S A   D E   L A   P L A Y A   F A S T    F A C T S ::

How many rooms does La Casa de la Playa have? 

La Casa de la Playa is a boutique hotel in Riviera Maya with 63 suites, each with its own personality, divided into 3 buildings: Natural, Fiesta and Wellness.

How far is La Casa de la Playa from the airport?

La Casa de la Playa is about one hour from the Cancun International Airport.

Is La Casa de la Playa all-inclusive.

I know it’s hard to believe, but YES! La Casa de la Playa is all-inclusive and it’s hands-down the best all-inclusive we’ve ever visited.

P I N   T H I S   F O R   L A T E R ::
Hotel La Casa de la Playa adults only all-inclusive hotel in Mexico.

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