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Curacao Itinerary

As Caribbean Travel Specialists, one of our primary goals is to set accurate expectations of our clients’ experience on vacation. Sometimes that is most easily accomplished by laying out a sample itinerary and exploring what a week would look like on the island. For this fantasy vacation, let’s spend a week in Curaçao! I hope you enjoy this Curacao itinerary – also, check back often because we will update it every time one of our travel advisors visits the island.

Curaçao is the largest of the Netherlands Antilles and has the most European influence. Guests notice this as soon as they land, evident by the brightly colored Dutch colonial buildings that can be seen around the island but most notably on Handelskade Street in the capital, Willemstad. Pro Tip – photo op! Make sure you wear something that you want to photograph and is still comfortable for walking. This is one of the neatest photo backgrounds in the Caribbean.

Curacao Itinerary

Day 1 // Arrival to Curaçao

Curaçao‘s international airport is located on the north-central coast. The drive to most resorts only takes about 20-30 minutes. While we pre-arrange private transfers for all our clients, Curaçao is one island where it is also convenient to take a taxi. The local taxis line up outside the arrivals hall at the airport.  Head to the front of the line and tell them what hotel you are interested in and off you go. Easy! 

For this trip, we are doing a split stay to experience two different hotels on the island. This is an excellent idea for visitors who might not have the budget for an entire week at my favorite luxury hotel on Curaçao or want to try different accommodation styles. First up, we are checking into Kontiki for two nights.

Our flight from Miami lands around 3 PM. Our room is ready, and we can check in as soon as we arrive at the hotel. Pro Tip – pack a swimsuit and a coverup in your carry-on, so if you arrive at your hotel before your room is ready to check in, you can immediately change and start enjoying the facilities.

Curacao Itinerary
Curacao Itinerary
Curacao Itinerary

Kontiki is located on the outskirts of Willemstad. The rooms at Kontiki are pretty basic. I didn’t mind because this isn’t a hotel where you’ll find you spend a lot of time in the room. (keep reading!)

The hotel’s exterior is constructed of dark wood, a visually stimulating contrast to the bright green jungle that encircles the half-dozen pools. The natural stone pools with shimmering turquoise water create the feeling of being in an oasis.

While I didn’t find Kontiki’s hotel rooms very appealing to my personal aesthetic preference, this hotel should be on your radar! They are about to open NEW luxury suites! This new collection will include 23 well-appointed suites, many with their own private plunge pools. Here’s a sneak peek:

Curacao Itinerary
Curacao Itinerary
Curacao Itinerary

Day 2 // Rest + Dance + Repeat

Kontiki has not one but three beach clubs, and each one is more “instagrammable” than the next. The beach clubs were a total surprise to me. They weren’t on the same level as St. Barths but had a decidedly lounge-party high energy. Lots of dancing, great music, and happy people.  The names of the beach clubs – Cabana Beach, Mood Beach, and Wet & Wild – accurately describe what you’ll find at each.

The hotel’s restaurants are all housed at the beach clubs too. Enjoy breakfast + lunch at Cabana and head to Mood for dinner. Although, if you’re on property on a Sunday, Wet & Wild is where you’ll want to be. Curious about Curacao already? Click here to start planning.

Curacao Itinerary
Curacao Itinerary
Curacao Itinerary

Day 3 // Upgrade Your Experience

After two nights of dancing the night away, we are checking into the island’s top hotel. Baoase Resort is a luxury boutique hotel, and as soon as I checked in, I knew it was somewhere special. I’ve written an entire hotel review about this exclusive Bali-meets-the-West Indies hideaway. Curacao is an arid + dry island, but Baoase is a jungle oasis. Read my Baoase hotel review.

Baoase Curacao Hotel Review-29

Baoase is one of the best on the island and in the entire Caribbean. Small luxury boutique hotels are one of the top requests at Caribbean Journey. Because of its small size, Baoase is often sold out. Book early to ensure you can secure the dates + room category you want. What room category is best at Baoase? Let’s just say the second I walked into my beachfront pool suite I wanted to move in! This room is perfect! Read more about it here.

Baoase Curacao Hotel Review

Day 4 // Enjoy the Hotel

I’d be happy to spend my entire Curaçao vacation at Baoase Luxury Resort. The days go by so fast! You’ll enjoy lavish breakfast offerings and gourmet lunches. Then you’ll likely spend your afternoon alternating soaking in your private plunge pool and the sea. Before you know it, it’s already evening. You’ll dress for dinner and walk the few short minutes to the center of the hotel, where the vibe is just right. This is where you’ll find the hotel’s lively bar and tranquil restaurant, set with candlelit tables. You’ll dine with your toes in the sand.  A true island experience! 

Baoase Curacao Hotel Review
Baoase Curacao Hotel Review
Baoase Curacao Hotel Review

Day 5 // Get to Know Curaçao

Do you seek out historical sites when you travel? I do! I love to learn about the people who discovered and developed the places we visit. Curaçao is full of history – some good and some not so good. But all history is important. Google “oldest synagogue in the Western Hemisphere,” and you’ll find Mikvé Israel-Emanuel Synagogue. The incredibly well-preserved building is in Curaçao and has been there since 1732. It still offers Shabbat Services and is a true example of living history. 

Curaçao was settled by Arawak people from the South American mainland. It was first visited by Europeans in 1499. It was first claimed as a territory for Spain before the Dutch took over. The easiest way to explore the history of the island is to spend time walking around downtown Willemstad. 

Curacao Itinerary
Curacao Itinerary
Curacao Itinerary
Curacao Itinerary

This is an island you will want to explore! We always save room in our client’s Curacao itinerary for a few island tours by land and sea. The biggest challenge when walking around the colorful town is to keep moving. You’ll be tempted to stop every few feet to snap a photo. The entire island is very photogenic. 

Sugar Beach St. Lucia
Sugar Beach St. Lucia
Sugar Beach St. Lucia

 Day 6 // Coffee + Food + Wine

Curacao ranks #3 on my list of “best islands for foodies.” Evidently, the island might seem like an emerging tourist destination to some visitors because of how often we are asked, “Where is Curacao?”

However, the food + beverage scene on the island is well-established. Every meal I enjoyed at both my host hotels, Kontiki + Baoase was terrific! Subsequently, so where all the local establishments we visited. Let’s visit a few!

The best coffee on the island is found at Number 10 Curacao. I often get lost daydreaming as I scroll through their Instagram account. I wish they’d open a branch in S. Florida. <Insta account snapshot below> So much more than cappuccinos!

Number 10 Curacao

Every Curacao itinerary we create recommends a night out on the town. Where to go for dinner? The Pietermaai District is my favorite for a fun night out! You’ll indulge in menus representing this colorful island’s melting pot. Most nights of the year, you will find live music wafting just around the corner. Follow the sounds for an exciting evening of incredible drinks and people-watching.


Pietermaai District’s fondly referred to as the “SoHo” of Curaçao, its stunning architecture is likely to catch one’s eye.


Boutique hotels, small shops, cozy little cafés, and top-rated restaurants snuggled together, makes the neighborhood highly walkable and perfect for exploring at your leisure. It’s a neighborhood full of mystery, magic and fun.”

curacao itinerary

Day 7 // Cathedral of Thorns

The Cathedral of Thorns is pretty spectacular by day, but I advise visiting at night. It looks completely different by night, and you will be completely blown away! This is something you have to see to believe. The thorns aren’t defined until you are in very closer proximity, but once you see them, you fall into a deep state of wonder. Just HOW did Herman Van Bergen – the artist – do this? A native of Curacao, he’s likely no stranger to the Acacia Tortuosa bush used to build the chapel. 

cathedral of thorns

Day 8 // Departure Day

The truest testament to a great destination is how sad you are on departure day or if you started planning your return trip before you started packing.  This happened to me when leaving Curacao! I was already looking at my calendar for available dates to return. There is so much to see, do and experience on this tiny island. 

One thing that made departure day easier was how nice the airport was. It was incredibly clean and uncrowded, and the lounge had plenty of cozy nooks to hide away. Parting is always less painful with departure lounge access. Our advisors make sure our clients have lounge access. If you don’t have complimentary priority pass access, we will book a pass for you. 



Curacao Itinerary

What other hotels should clients consider for their Curacao itinerary? There are also some big box names, specifically Renaissance and Marriott. There are some all-inclusive resorts in Curacao too. The most notable one is the brand new Sandals Curacao. This hotel has been sold out since the day it opened! Sandals Resorts has a very loyal following and their repeat clients flip for new hotels so book early to ensure you secure the dates you want. Click here to check rates.


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C U R A C A O    F A S T   F A C T S ::

When is the best time to visit  Curacao?

It’s always a good time to visit Curaçao! Along with Aruba and Bonaire, Curaçao is located below the hurricane belt. This almost ensures that you’ll have good weather. 

What language do they speak in Curacao?

While on Curaçao, you’ll hear Dutch, Papiamento, and English. Papiamento is the native language. It is a multifaceted Creole language based on Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, and several African dialects. 

What country does Curacao belong to? 

Curaçao is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of The Netherlands.

 Is Curacao worth visiting

YES! This island is full of charm and unique areas to explore. If you need more convincing than this Curacao itinerary, contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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