Why Book with Caribbean Journey

At Caribbean Journey, we take pride in providing personalized and exceptional travel experiences tailored for clients looking for the best the region has to offer. We’ve sent over 10,000 happy clients to the Caribbean. It’s hard to put into words what has made us so successful. It comes down to the fact that we genuinely care about our clients’ travel experience and we make sure we are readily available from start to finish.


When you retain Caribbean Journey to help plan your travel, you’re hiring a professional travel advisor to ensure that your trip is tailored to your taste, preferences, and budget. A typical Caribbean Journey vacation includes consultation, research, proposals, booking of travel components, reservation management, required entry requirements research, clear travel instructions, local contacts for support while traveling, emergency numbers that are staffed 24/7, travel insurance quotes, personal recommendations for restaurants, tours + excursions, confirmation of any requested special services, spa appointments, etc. and often VIP services like expedited customs & immigration processing. All of the above is provided to you via an online link, and within our travel app, so you are never without access to your trip information. Our Professional Service Fee covers our assistance in your travel planning, from consultation to post-trip follow-up. 


In order to maintain the highest level of service and expertise, we collect a professional planning fee before starting any research on your behalf. 

This planning fee covers the dedicated time and expertise of our experienced travel advisors, who work tirelessly to curate the perfect itinerary for your dream vacation. From researching the best destinations to securing exclusive VIP perks and ensuring a seamless travel experience, our team is committed to crafting a trip that exceeds your expectations.

We believe in transparent pricing. When you book with Caribbean Journey, there are never any hidden fees or confusing costs associated with your travel plans. The rates we work with are never more than you would pay to book a hotel directly. We are always happy to openly discuss our process.


Our non-refundable planning fee is $100 per trip.

$100 is what the majority of our clients pay. However, additional fees could be assessed based on the complexity of your travel plans and will be discussed before we start planning. Some examples of when we need to collect more than $100 are island-hopping itineraries, group travel, last-minute travel, or travel over the Christmas/New Year holiday.


A D V O C A C Y // We work for you. We are your voice when something goes wrong or when you want to elevate your travel experience and plan something special on your vacation. You are not simply a reservation number to us. We take a personal interest in your journey, from dreaming up the perfect itinerary until you are safely back home.

E X P E R I E N C E // Trying to plan a trip independently will undoubtedly cause you information overload. With hundreds of new hotels on the scene, all promising to be better than the next, it is a lot to decipher. Our work is based on over 24 years of professional experience, thousands of hours of travel industry certification and training, as well as hundreds of trips exploring the destinations we specialize in. The future of travel is here, and rapidly changing travel policies are a reality. Your trip will be much smoother if you have an experienced travel advisor by your side to help you navigate the process.

C O N N E C T I O N S // We’ve met a lot of important people during our years in business. Our global connections give you access to trip enhancements you likely won’t find on your own, such as VIP perks, negotiated rates, exclusive perks, hard-to-get reservations, and personalized services.

E M E R G E N C I E S //  We work overtime, so you don’t have to. All our clients travel with our direct cell phone numbers. When something unexpected happens, the value of being able to text or call a human travel professional who knows every detail of your trip is invaluable. We’ve been there for our clients in all types of emergencies. We will be there for you too!