Spend a Week in St. Lucia

spend a week in st lucia photo of the twin pitons

As Caribbean Travel Specialists, one of our primary goals is to set accurate expectations of our clients’ experience on vacation. Sometimes that is most easily accomplished by laying out a sample itinerary and exploring what a week would look like on the island. For this fantasy vacation, let’s go spend a week in St Lucia!

St. Lucia is a lush, picturesque island in the Lesser Antilles. The exotic landscape and charming boutique hotels make it a popular choice for romance travel. St. Lucia is often rated the best island for honeymoons. For this trip, we’ve picked two hotels with private villas on property, satisfying your need for social distancing and providing all the privacy you want on a honeymoon. Want to know more about St. Lucia? Click here! 

St. Lucia Helicopter for when you spend a week in St lucia.

Day 1 // arrival

St. Lucia’s international airport, Hewanorra Airport, is located on the island’s far southern tip. The drive to most resorts takes about 60-90 minutes. For that reason, we often book helicopter transfers for our clients. (If you spend a week in St Lucia you will want to take a heli transfer in at least one direction.) A few facts about taking a helicopter on St. Lucia:


  • The helicopter will fly from airport to airport. St. Lucia has a second airport in the north (George FL Charles aka Vigie) that services regional flights. 
  • The flight is only 10 minutes. 
  • You may take one carry-on with you, and the rest of your luggage will travel by van. Pro Tip – pack a swimsuit and/or a lightweight change of clothes in your carry-on so you can immediately begin to enjoy the resort facilities even if your luggage hasn’t caught up to you yet. Luggage can take around 3 hours. 
  • Once you land at the northern airport, a representative will meet you and transfer you to your hotel. 
  • You will clear customs + immigration at Hewanorra Airport. Pro Tip – we often book fast track immigration service for all our clients. This VIP service allows our clients to move through customs + immigration in an expedited fashion with a private guide to assist in the process.
  • Want to know more about St. Lucia? Click here! 
Cap Maison at night St Lucia spend a week in St lucia.
For this dream Caribbean vacation, we are spending the first four nights of our week in St. Lucia at Cap Maison Hotel in the north of the island.  Cap Maison is a charming hotel perched on the hillside and resembling a small Mediterranean village. The bright white walls and terra cotta roofs are in perfect contrast to the Caribbean Sea’s bright turquoise and lush green rolling hills in the distance. This hotel is a visual wonder complete with warm, friendly hospitality and incredible attention to detail.
Aerial view of Cap Maison St. Lucia at night spend a week in St lucia.

The drive to the hotel from the Vigie Airport (after your 10-minute helicopter ride) was less than 20 minutes, and check-in only takes 10-15 minutes. Before you know it, you are in your stunning oceanview suite with rooftop terrace + private pool, taking in the sunset. Want to know more about St. Lucia? Click here! 

Private rooftop plunge pool at Cap Maison in St. Lucia.

As the sun dips closer to the horizon, perhaps you’ve left your room for a self-guided tour of the property. The bellman likely pointed out the Cliff Bar while walking to your room. Find a seat, settle in for a cocktail + conversation. Want to know more about St. Lucia? Click here! 

Sun setting over the pool at Cap Maison in St. Lucia.
By the time you return to the room, your luggage is waiting, and it is time to shower + dress for dinner. 

Day 2 // enjoy the resort 

The number one reason people take a vacation is to relax. We always recommend clients reserve the first day at their resort, to take it easy… rest and relax and get your bearings. While the exoticness of St. Lucia calls to you from the second you arrive, there will be plenty of time for exploring in the coming days. 

The Naked Fisherman at Cap Maison spend a week in St. Lucia.

All of the best hotels in St. Lucia have dreamy spas, and Cap Maison is no exception. A perfect introductory day on the property could include a few hours of undisturbed reading on the beach, lunch at the Naked Fisherman, a few hours floating in the pool, a late afternoon massage, and then dinner at the Cliff at Cap. 

The food at Cap Maison is incredible! Fresh, local ingredients and an award-winning culinary team make for satisfaction with every meal. Want to know more about St. Lucia? Click here! 

 Day 3 // food + wine in st. lucia

Any culinary exploration on the island of St. Lucia needs to start at the Central Market in Castries. If you haven’t been to a market in the Caribbean, a visit is a must. Your eyes will explode at all the heaps of colorful fresh fruits and vegetables. Some you’ll recognize, others will be so intriguing you’ll strike up a conversation with the seller to ask questions and find out exactly WHAT is that thing?

St. Lucia Market in Castries when you spend a week in St. Lucia.

The market is also one of my favorite places to buy gifts on the island. I love to support the local industry wherever I go, and St. Lucia is known for spices. Multiple vendors sell small baskets stuffed with sample sizes of every spice imaginable… cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise… all grown fresh on the island. The baskets are wrapped tight and often tied with a decorative madras ribbon, the national fabric of St. Lucia After your eyes have feasted and you’ve tried some of the local snacks, you’ll return to your hotel for an afternoon of leisure. Want to know more about St. Lucia? Click here! 

Dinner at the Cap Maison Wine cellar in St. Lucia.
One of my personal favorite things about Cap Maison is their wine cellar and wine pairing dinners. After days in the sun, escaping to the coolness of the wine cellar to have an educational culinary experience, feels like the perfect plan. Cap Maison in their own words ::

Our enviable collection includes rare champagnes, grand cru Bordeaux, fine Burgundies, orange wines, organic and biodynamic wines made naturally, and a collection of fun unpretentious grape varietals from our new world selection. Ask our sommelier to take you to the wine cellar and show you around our collection of 2,000 bottles as he helps you pick your selection. It is possibly the finest wine cellar in Saint Lucia.”

Day 4 // back to the beach  The beach at Cap Maison is small, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in water clarity and atmosphere. Want to know more about St. Lucia? Click here! 

The beach at Cap Maison with restaurant when you stay a week in st. lucia.

If you just happen to be on the beach at the right time, the Naked Fisherman has been known to kick it up and shift more towards the beach club vibe. 

When our clients spend a week in St Lucia they often enjoy splitting their stay between two hotels and/or two areas of the island. The island is so diverse from north to south. For this sample itinerary, we will be checking out of Cap Maison tomorrow and checking in to Sugar Beach by Viceroy, located in the south of the island. Here are some other great hotel pairings for a split stay in St. Lucia:

Cap Maison + Jade Mountain

Calabash Cove + Anse Chastanet

Sandals Grande St. Lucia + Ladera

Day 5 // a different view 

The scenic drive between hotels is about an hour. We will arrange your private transfer and make sure you know when to be waiting in the lobby to meet your driver. Sit back and relax because every transfer on St. Lucia, be it car or helicopter, doubles as a sightseeing tour.

Boats in the bay in St. Lucia with palm trees.

Sugar Beach by Viceroy is one of our client’s favorite hideaways and one of the best luxury hotels in the Caribbean. I say “hideaway” because the hotel is located between the majestic twin pitons (dormant volcanos). When you start to descend the driveway, you feel as if you’ve entered another world. Want to know more about St. Lucia? Click here! 

Every room at Sugar Beach has a private plunge pool. That makes deciding on the perfect room for your trip somewhat difficult! Usually, when we offer the room with the private pool, it seals the deal. With so many private pool suites to choose from, you need trusted advice. The cool thing about working with our travel agents is that we’ve been here already. Many times. We can help you go over the differences between every room category and ensure you book the one that best suits your needs and vacation vision.
Sugar Beach St. Lucia
Sugar Beach St. Lucia
Sugar Beach St. Lucia

Day 6 // relax

If you didn’t indulge in the spa at Cap Maison, you will want to make a visit to the Rainforest Spa at Sugar Bay. Not only do the treatments offered make this one of the best spas on St. Lucia, but the location and atmosphere will feed your senses in ways you didn’t even know you needed. Want to know more about St. Lucia? Click here! 

Best St. Lucia Spa
While you’ll want to spend all day at the spa, save time for the beach. There is truly something magical that happens when you head out for a swim and turn around to face the island and realize just how incredible this location is. Depending on the sun at certain times of day, the water between the twin pitons will have an almost purple hue and it is absolutely breathtaking!

Like Cap Maison, Sugar Beach has a wonderful culinary program, and somehow, like magic, everything tastes better with this view ::

Sugar Beach St. Lucia

Day 7 // gardens + springs + waterfalls, oh my!  

On your last full day on the island, we suggest exploring the island’s southern half. There is so much to do and see on St. Lucia, but a few eco-adventures stand out as highlights, and we include them on almost every St. Lucia vacation itinerary we create. The twin pitons practically beg to be hiked. There are multiple paths; some require trail guides, some don’t. We will arrange a private guide for you so you can go at your own pace. If you think the views of the island are mesmerizing from sea level, wait until you take in the island from up above.    

If you can take your eyes off the sea, venture inland and visit the botanical gardens + sulfur springs. The spring water + mud are said to have healing powers and have been attracting wellness seekers for over a hundred years. Want to know more about St. Lucia? Click here! 

Diamond Falls St. Lucia

After you’ve explored one of the most beautiful islands in the world, head back to Sugar Beach for afternoon cocktails and one more swim in that gorgeous ocean. Or perhaps head straight to your room and cool off in the privacy of your private plunge pool. (When you spend a week in St Lucia and do a split-stay, make sure at least one of your hotel rooms has a private plunge pool!)

Sugar Beach St. Lucia

Day 8 // departure  Your private driver will pick you up about 3.5 hours before your international flight. It will be hard to say goodbye, but hopefully, you’re packing some incredible new memories to take home with you! Want to know more about St. Lucia? Click here! 


Click here to complete our contact form, and we will reach out to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation. During this call, we will help you decide if St. Lucia is a good choice for your vacation and explain our planning process. 

P E R K S ::
When you book Sugar Beach by Viceroy with Caribbean Journey, you have access to these exclusive perks ::


:: $100 resort credit

:: complimentary buffet breakfast for two, daily

:: early check-in and late check-out if available

:: room upgrade if available on arrival


Contact us to start planning if you are looking to spend a week in St Lucia and embark on an active vacation, romantic honeymoon, or girlfriends getaway on one of the Caribbean’s most scenic islands!


Laura Sangster
P I N   T H I S   F O R   L A T E R ::
St. Lucia Sample Itinerary
S A I N T   L U C I A  F A S T   F A C T S ::

When is the best time to visit St. Lucia?

St. Lucia is beautiful at any time of year. The dry season runs from December – April. That doesn’t mean you’ll see rain every day during the rest of the year, those months are the best insurance of a sunny vacation.


What language do they speak in St. Lucia?

English if the official language. Saint Lucian Creole French, known locally as Patwa, is widely spoken on the island.


Is Cap Maison or Sugar Beach all-inclusive? 

No. Both hotels featured in this sample vacation are not all-inclusive, but they do have meal plans available to add on. Your travel advisor will help you decide what meal plan, if any, is best for you based on your overall trip itinerary.


How many rooms does Cap Maison have? 49

How many rooms does Sugar Beach by Viceroy have? 78


Is Sugar Beach or Cap Maison adults only? 

No. Both hotels welcome families and provide activities for children. However, being small boutique hotels, they do not have large kids clubs and thus it is rare to find a lot of kids on property.

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