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ABOUT OUR REVIEWS // We love what we do! We travel often. It’s essential to stay up to date on the hotels we sell. Truth + transparency in travel is our goal, so if we don’t enjoy our stay at a hotel, we won’t write about it. If you’re reading this – the hotel below was a hit! 

FIRST IMPRESSIONS // When you step off the boat after your transfer to Rosewood Little Dix Bay, you’ll have a hard time resisting the urge to make yourself at home under one of the thatched roof palapas and start ordering up the cocktail du jour. This beach is one of the main reasons our clients are enamored with this hotel. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any other beach as gorgeous, with sand this white, water this clear, and belonging to a five-star luxury hotel. Rosewood Little Dix Bay is a beach lover’s paradise. 

Nantipa Costa Rica Hotel

As soon as you step off the beach and start exploring the hotel, it becomes apparent that great care was taken in the hotel’s design because the views are everything! There are gorgeous views at every turn, and you’ll get lost in thought, gazing at over a dozen shades of blue… the famed water of the British Virgin Islands

The hotel’s theme is barefoot elegance with a lean toward the nautical classics. Off-whites, soft tans, and beige with navy making an appearance every now and then. The neutral palettes of the ocean-chic decor only accentuate the star of the show… the Caribbean Sea.  Want more info on Rosewood Little Dix Bay? Click here

Nantipa Costa Rica Hotel
Nantipa Costa Rica Hotel

ROOMS // For this trip, I stayed in an Ocean View Cottage, and this was my view [below]. These rooms are only 350 square feet but felt much larger due to the floor-to-ceiling windows lining an entire wall of the space. The ocean-view cottages can be connected to make a two-bedroom suite, so they are a perfect choice for families looking for a luxury family vacation in the British Virgin Islands. The hotel also has a few luxury villas on the property, ranging from 2-4 bedrooms; they are excellent for multi-gen families and friends who want to vacation together.

This hotel isn’t only for families. In fact, it’s one of the top hotels we consider when helping our clients plan a high-end honeymoon. The suites at Rosewood Little Dix Bay are my choice for the best honeymoon rooms. Most have an outdoor shower, and the one-bedroom pool suite even has a private plunge pool which is at the top of everyone’s list when planning a romantic getaway or wanting honeymoon ideas in the Caribbean.

While Rosewood Little Dix Bay is one of the best hotels in the British Virgin Islands for family travel, one reason it works for a honeymoon or anniversary trip is that it is quiet and peaceful, with plenty of places to hide away, such as the tranquil spa pool [below]. More on the spa later!

We visited during one of the peak weeks of high season, and although hotel occupancy was high, the beach was never crowded, and all of our dining, spa, and activity requests were met with a “yes.” No one wants to invest in a Caribbean vacation only to arrive and find all the pool, and beach loungers are taken before 9 AM; the restaurants can only seat you at 9 PM, etc.

Nantipa Costa Rica Hotel

WHAT TO DO // My favorite thing to do in the British Virgin Islands is island-hop. The water in this part of the Caribbean is an intoxicating addiction, and the second you set eyes on it, you want more! The best way to feed this craving is to get out on a private boat and explore! You’re in luck at Rosewood Little Dix Bay because the hotel will arrange a private boat day for you. All you have to do is show up.

We met our captain on the dock at 10 AM, where the hotel staff quickly loaded 3 Yeti coolers full of champagne and rosè (our request) and a wide assortment of picnic items. Prior to our arrival on the dock, the captain was already aware of the ocean conditions and had a few places in mind for us to visit. Instead of staying on the boat all day, we requested to be dropped off on a private beach to enjoy our gourmet picnic. After a short 15 minutes, we were already slowing down to view the first beach and decide if this was the spot. Nope, not good enough, so we asked the captain to keep going.  

A short while later, we slowed in front of a pristine stretch of sand, not another soul in sight, and decided this was IT. The captain helped us to shore, unloaded our gourmet spread, and waived goodbye. For three blissful hours, we dined, drank, and floated away all of our stress and, most importantly, made a memory to last a lifetime. 

In the BVIs, it’s all about water, but you will find you need to give your sea legs a break from time to time and the best way to do that at Rosewood Little Dix Bay, is by bike or by moke. The resort offers complimentary bicycles during your stay and will arrange a pint-sized moke rental for any number of days. The bikes are great for exploring the resort’s 300+ sprawling acres, and the moke is great for exploring the Virgin Gorda, 8 square miles. 

Nantipa Costa Rica Hotel
Nantipa Costa Rica Hotel

DINING //  I’m surprised, or maybe not surprised, that I have no photos of any meals we enjoyed at the resort’s restaurants. They were SO SO good, and I took my own advice, put away my phone, and was fully present.

The first dinner was enjoyed at Pavillion. The fusion of traditional Indian flavors and innovative Caribbean cuisine was a total hit. We relied on the waitress’s keen insight into the flavor pairings in deciding what to order. Each dish delivered to our table was met with sheer delight and maybe a few audible “oohs and ahhs.”

The second night, we dined at the Sugar Mill, and it was everything my Caribbean foodie feast dreams are made of. Classic island fare served with a side of history – think raw bar, loads of fresh vegetables, and desserts that take full advantage of the local island sweets. All served up in Rosewood Little Dix Bay‘s original sugar mill – for which their restaurant is aptly named.

My favorite dining experience was the most casual of the entire trip. Fresh Anegada lobster and fries… and when I mean fresh, we saw the fisherman deliver the lobster that morning, and while this delicious combo is not on their beach menu, in true Caribbean hospitality, they made it happen. Farm-to-table is important at all of the hotel’s dining establishments, and clearly, so is “ocean-to-table.”

Nantipa Costa Rica Hotel
Nantipa Costa Rica Hotel
Nantipa Costa Rica Hotel

VIBE // The vibe at Rosewood Little Dix is one of an iconic exclusive hideaway. Designed to be one of the Caribbean’s first eco-friendly resorts by Laurance Rockefeller, the resort has done an excellent job staying true to this vision. Nature abounds, and the hotel has managed to merge a feeling of luxury with sustainability, which can be challenging on an island. 

WELLNESS //  The hotel’s spa, Sense, wins the award for the best views of any Caribbean spa. I recommend booking an appointment if for the views alone! Plan on spending more than a few hours in this serene space. The spa infinity pool feels miles high, like it’s floating over the ocean with breathtaking views of the Sir Francis Drake Channel. The spa treatments are derived from native folklore and tradition. Their spa treatment menu is a worthwhile read, full of the history explaining the health rituals they are preserving.

The hotel, in their own words:


Rosewood Little Dix Bay is a place designed in harmony with nature, where guests can surrender their cares and disconnect from the world.” 

Nantipa Costa Rica Hotel

The British Virgin Islands are an archipelago of about 40 islands. Referred to as the sailing jewel of the Caribbean, the islands attract a large sailing and yachting crowd. With so many islands, it can be hard to know which one should be your “home base.” Rosewood Little Dix Bay is a great stand-alone destination and is perfect when paired with another BVI property.


Click here to complete our contact form, and we will reach out to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation. During this call, we will help you decide if Rosewood Little Dix Bay is a good choice for your vacation and explain our planning process.

Nantipa Costa Rica Hotel

FINAL THOUGHTS // My stay at Rosewood Little Dix Bay felt like I was checking a bucket list destination off my list. There are so few luxury resorts with private beaches. Clients always ask us, are beaches in the Caribbean public? The answer is that 99% of beaches are not private, so the fact that this glistening stretch of sand and sea is landlocked by private land, creating a private beach, is truly a gift you must experience. 

This luxury Caribbean hotel has everything you’d want in a warm-weather beach vacation, and if there is something special you want to arrange, the delightful staff at Rosewood Little Dix Bay can make that happen too. My team and I are ready to help you start planning your visit! 



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Caribbean Journey

R O S E W O O D   L I T T L E   D I X   F A S T    F A C T S ::

When did Rosewood Little Dix Bay open? 

This luxury resort originally opened in 1964 but closed recently for a complete refurbishment, reopening in 2020. 

How do you get to Rosewood Little Dix Bay?

Another benefit of booking with a Caribbean specialist is that we know all the ins and outs of how to get to every British Virgin Island. For LDB, we would fly you to Virgin Gorda and arrange a ground transfer. Or fly you into Tortola or St. Thomas and arrange a water taxi. We take the stress out of planning trips to harder-to-reach destinations. 

How many rooms does Rosewood LDB have?

Rosewood Little Dix Bay has 80 luxury guestrooms, suites, and villas.


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