Meet Baoase Resort, Curacao’s Hidden Gem – Hotel Review

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The name might be hard to pronounce, but the meaning behind it is as charming as the hotel itself. B + A are the owner’s initials and “oase” is oasis in Dutch. An oasis is a perfect way to describe Baoase Resort. Curacao is an arid, dry island; however, you’d never know that while on property. Baoase is so lush that you’re constantly lulled into a deeper state of relaxation by the sound of palm fronds dancing in the sea breeze.

The ocean gently rolling onto this sandy shore is a saltwater swimming pool, thanks to being protected from rough surf by Bibi’s Island. BiBi’s island is connected to the mainland by a small bridge. This is where you go to face west and practice your sun salutations in the shadow of a hand-carved statue of Buddha. It’s also the best place to snap a postcard-worthy photo of the resort.

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As soon as you arrive at Baoase in Curacao, you quickly realize this hotel is that special place you’ve been dreaming about all these long months while waiting to travel again. Bali meets the West Indies on a European-infused island in the Caribbean Sea.

Equal parts welcoming and mysterious, winding paths beg to be explored, and soft laughter from the beach bar reminds you how refreshing a tropical cocktail is after a long journey. As you briefly walk the property, on the way to your room, you notice… art is everywhere. At every turn, you’ll find sculptures and fixtures that made the long journey across many seas from island to island, Bali to Curacao

Baoase Resort’s art collection is even more visible when the sun goes down and choice pieces are illuminated by well-placed lighting. As you walk under the trees, the wind blows, and lights twinkle. Looking up, you notice the expected string of cabana lights is replaced by handcrafted, brightly painted tin lanterns gracefully hung high in the swaying branches. Want to learn more about Baoase? Click here!

Baoase Curacao Hotel Review

sleep // Almost all of the 23 rooms at this luxury boutique hotel are mere steps from the water, either the Caribbean Sea or one of the hotel’s tranquil pools. The tropical pool villas, private pool villas, and beachfront suites all have shimmering blue swimming pools right out the back door. 

I stayed in a beachfront pool suite: a fully enclosed unit, where I was able to live out my secret garden fantasies. 

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Private pathways + private pools… that’s paradise talking to me. Both of the paths above lead from my private open-air dining area. One leads to the main resort walkway, and one runs alongside my private pool and onto the sand. After only 24 hours, I’d already ranked Baoase Resort as one of the best Caribbean hotels with private plunge pools and the beachfront pool suite as the PERFECT room for a luxury honeymoon

Baoase Curacao Hotel Review

The beachfront pool suites have everything you’d want in a luxury hotel room: walk-in closets with a dressing table, Sonos sound system, indoor/outdoor bathroom, roofed patio with lounge, kitchen counter with integrated ice bucket, minibar, and TV.

The modern beachfront retreat vibe of the space is created by the impossibly high ceilings adorned with gilded mirrors, rich dark woods, cooling neutrals, and blues of every shade.

Can we have a word about the outdoor bathroom? Truth be told, I couldn’t even remember if there was an indoor shower. I had to pause and look that up – no indoor shower, but one was not missed. The outdoor shower was dreamy, but the handcrafted stone bathtub was heaven. Jet black stone, warmed by the sun and overflowing with luxurious Molton Brown bubbles, is precisely where I wanted to unwind from my challenging day lying by the pool. Want to learn more about the different rooms at Baoase? Click here!

Baoase Curacao Hotel Review
Baoase Curacao Hotel Review

what to do // Let your dreams run wild as you take a nap under your own private beach cabana, steps from your private plunge pool. See where I’m going here? Privacy rules at Baoase Resort. Wake up hungry? Maybe the stars will align and your eyes will pop open at the right moment and one of the beach waiters will walk by with trays of small bites and then offer guidance on what to order for your afternoon snack.

Baoase Curacao Hotel Review

dining // There was something indulgently reassuring about knowing that at any given time I was only steps away, or a quick text away, from a truly extraordinary meal. I really didn’t know the convenience of having such amazing food delivered to my private pool suite was something I cared so much about. But let me tell you, knowing I could spend my entire vacation in my 1100 square foot room + 1500 square foot garden/patio area, or under my private beach cabana, had me lying in bed at night doing the math on my travel fund and checking my calendar for the soonest I could return to Baoase Resort.

The butlers at Baoase are super attentive. They do not miss a beat and always reply promptly and insightfully. I recently read through my WhatsApp exchanges with the butler team from my trip – they came to my rescue for everything from special order margaritas, to being locked out of my room, to tracking me down on my friend’s verandah with a hot cappuccino that I’d ordered just 10 mins before.

Baoase Curacao Hotel Review

The restaurant menus at Baoase Resort continue the theme of east meets west taking your taste buds far beyond the humble island of Curacao. (In fact, this continues when you venture outside the resort and explore the local Peitermaai District where you’ll find a world of flavors from countries near and far.)

Baoase Curacao Hotel Review

Every single bite was a culinary delight and as soon as one meal was over, I found myself already looking forward to the next meal. The Asian dishes were expertly executed and some of the most popular with our group. Another favorite was deconstructed gazpacho – definitely worth traveling back to the island for.

Baoase Curacao Hotel Review
Baoase Curacao Hotel Review

Where to partake in these incredible meals? The literal interpretation of barefoot elegance is the norm at Baoase Resort, not the exception. With the majority of the tables set in the sand, it’s not uncommon to see guests dining shoeless, with relaxed smiles on their faces as they enjoy an impeccable meal under the stars.

Baoase Curacao Hotel Review
Baoase Curacao Hotel Review

Traveling with friends or looking for a truly over-the-top experience? Book the Master Villa at Baoase. 4884 square feet of glorious indoor/outdoor living with one of the best views on the island. Every piece of furniture down to every pillow and candleholder was curated specifically for this space, and it all melds together to create the perfect coastal chic getaway.

Baoase Curacao Hotel Review

Add on a few connecting rooms and the Master Villa is able to accommodate up to 12 people. I can’t think of a more perfect location for your next milestone birthday celebration or small family reunion!

Baoase Curacao Hotel Review
Baoase Curacao Hotel Review

This special space described by the hotel, in their own words…


“Island bliss elevates to its very

limit in the Master Villa – Baoase’s pearl

and the house that would be the start of Baoase.” 

Baoase Curacao Hotel Review


Click here to complete our contact form, and we will reach out to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation. During this call, we will help you decide if Curacao is a good choice for your vacation and explain our planning process.

Who is Baoase Resort best for? Those seeking a Caribbean honeymoon come to mind first – and if honeymooning, make all efforts to book one of the one-bedroom private pool suites. You’ll have your own private love cocoon.

Second are girlfriend getaways. The lack of rooms with two beds might keep this hotel off the radar for some, but the location is an absolutely perfect home base to explore this safe island. Combine that with their incredible culinary program, spa treatments, and unavoidable relaxation and you will agree that Baoase has all the necessary ingredients for a perfect girls trip.

Book one of the multi-room villas that ensconce the garden pool, and you’ll be happy you did. You feel you’re on a private island while sipping your morning cappuccino on your veranda. There is this sixth sense that people are “out there” exploring other areas of life, but you can pretend with such ease that the resort was built just for you.



Baoase Curacao Hotel Review

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Baoase Curacao Hotel Review

When I first posted this photo on social media months ago, my caption read that this was the most relaxed I’d felt in years. Guess what? A few months and a few hotel visits later, and Baoase still wins the relaxation award.

Fully customizable done right. Let’s face it, island life has its challenges, and granting guests’ wishes can be tough. Baoase has mastered this, and you will rarely hear the word “no”.

Few Caribbean hotels have as much charm + character as Baoase. I could see myself returning to this hotel over and over. Special thanks to Island Luxe Resorts – the best Caribbean hotel collection – for another impeccable trip in the books.



Laura Sangster
Caribbean Journey

B A O A S E    F A S T    F A C T S ::

Where is Baoase?

Baoase is located on the south side of the island of Curacao, less than 25 minutes from the airport.

Is Baoase adults-only?

Baoase allows children and will create a customized activity program for kids on property, but they do not have a kid’s club, and this luxury Caribbean hotel appeals more to adults.

Where is Curacao? 

Curacao is located in the Southern Caribbean, just off the coast of Venezuela. Curacao is the C in the ABC islands – sharing the acronym with Aruba and Bonaire.

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