Pre-Travel Checklist

The best trips are the ones where we are well-prepared. We know that so much of the travelsphere is out of our control, but with these pointers, you can avoid a few unexpected surprises. Our pre-travel checklist covers all the essential items you need to know and do before departing for your tropical vacation. Trust us; it’s the key to a stress-free adventure!

Not packed yet? Check out our packing guides:

– Review your online trip itinerary provided by your Caribbean Journey advisor.

– Print a PDF copy of your online trip itinerary from the bright blue PDF button in the upper right corner.

– Download the airline’s app and sync your flight. Once you do this, check the app every few days to ensure you remain logged in and that notifications are turned on.

– Review your travel insurance policy for any cancellation deadlines and timeframes. Some require cancellation 24 hours before departure; some require a shorter number of hours before departure.

– Make sure you have your passport + vaccination card in a place where you won’t forget them on departure day. Take photos of both items and save them to an easy-to-access album on your phone.

– Withdraw some cash; remember, small bills come in handy for tipping.

– Turn on travel notices with your credit card(s), so they won’t flag foreign charges as fraud.

– Schedule your car service/ride to the airport for departure day. Remember you must be at the airport 3 hours before departure for international travel at all US airports.

– Charge electronics and organize all your travel chargers.

Refill any prescriptions, so you don’t have to worry about running out on vacation.

– Renting a car? Check with your US car insurance, travel insurance, and credit card to review your overseas coverage.

– Take a photo of your packed luggage; it will come in handy should you need to list the contents on a lost luggage claim form.

– Buy Apple AirTags and program them for each piece of luggage.

– Check the baggage limitations for your airline. Some of the smaller airlines in the Caribbean don’t allow the same sized luggage as larger carriers.

New dietary restrictions? Let your travel advisor know of any food allergies or changes in your diet.

– Finish packing!

– Review + Download a copy of our packing lists: