Nantipa in Costa Rica

The distinct pleasure of a true beachfront vacation awaits you in the heart of the Nicoya Península: Santa Teresa is a hidden treasure where deep blue waters are framed by vividly green tropical rainforests.

Nantipa’s Restaurant (Manzú) is located on the beach, with direct views of the ocean and sunset. The main dining area features 15 tables that easily accommodate 50 guests, in a very cozy, inviting and relaxed ambiance. Mixology experts from the Mulberry Project have prepared creative and unique cocktails featuring Costa Rica’s tropical fruits and local liqueurs, inviting visitors to mingle, unwind and enjoy the natural beauty. Read our full hotel review of Nantipa, one of Costa Rica’s top boutique hotels. 



eco-friendly, chic, retreat


honeymoons & romance seekers, wellness weekends, active travelers


Escape to an exclusive and enchanting oasis to find peace in paradise and also within yourself. Let the load of everyday life lighten as you delve into a distinct wellness experience designed to help you rediscover the strength and resilience that resides within you.